Collecting Playing Cards the Ins and Outs

Collecting Playing Cards the Ins and Outs

Ever since I can remember collecting things has been part of my way of life. From Star Wars figures to basketball cards, from teaspoons to perfumes, it's been something I've always done. Recently though, playing cards has been my weapon of choice and ultimately has lead me to starting Shuffler, the Playing Cards Store. 

There is something about playing cards that has captured my imagination and yours if you're reading this. It is the perfect fusion of art, challenge and investment that I had always craved but had not yet been able to satisfy through my other collections.

I learned about designer playing cards through a game of poker and a deck of Monarchs. It was a revelation that playing cards like these even existed. From that moment on, I was obsessed. 


With 52 cards to play with, jokers, ad cards, gaff cards and a tuck case the design opportunities for a playing card designer are endless. It's no wonder that some the best designers around have gravitated towards playing card design. Designers who use a standard bicycle deck and focus simply on the card backs and tucks often yield the finest creations. Though once you've held a completely custom creation from Stockholm17 or Jackson Robinson, playing cards become art, worthy of having their own wall or shelf in the house. 



Like anything worthwhile in life, the challenges make the successes sweeter. The joy of finding a rare deck or completing a set delivers the feeling that all collectors crave. It's not just finding the particular deck, but the moment when you find it at a bargain price is what makes it feel like you've just scored yourself a little piece of treasure.  The limited releases, numbered editions, colour variations and sheer beauty make collecting playing cards a thrilling hobby to be involved in.


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